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Monday, May 21, 2012

Reflections on Moving

After 12 years at the same location we are moving to the Chase Tower this week. It is both figuratively and literally an upward move as our offices will be on the 9th floor overlooking downtown Amarillo. I did not realize how long I have been practicing law until I started cleaning out my desk and book shelves. I assume I do not need the Advanced Family Law course book from 1996 or the 2002 Probate Code. I am also asserting the 3 year rule. If I have not looked at it or used it in the last three years, it is trash. This is also a time for reflection as it will be the first office in which my father has not been a part of the practice. The last and most important thing I learned is that used office furniture is virtually worthless. Have a great week.

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